ISO Certificates


In order to achieve a leading position in the Serbian market and broader leadership KOMERC PROGRES d.o.o. Indjija has decided to implement an integrated management system according to standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

The essence of the policy of integrated management system is to satisfy all the demands of our customers and to exceed their expectations with quality and affordable products at the price of the rational engagement of all resources, and to protect the health and safety, without threatening the environment and fully comply with local laws and regulations and directives of the European Union 
KOMERC PROGRES d.o.o. seeks to continuously monitor and identify new customer needs and meet the same premium with maintenance of constant level of quality and differentiation of products of selling and its products, delivering at the required place, at the required time and at competitive prices.
The overall objective of the quality of KOMERC PROGRES is maintaining a targeted level of quality in all business segments, individual processes and activities continuously acquiring and continuously improving level of service required by customers to overcome their demands and expectations.
The overall objective of environmental protection is not to threat the environment with implementation process of business, but to improve. 
The overall objective of the health and safety at work is to establish a healthy and safe workplace for employees and to protect the health of employees and external parties.
Specific objectives are harmonized with the policy of integrated management system, defined  according to their capacities, resources and opportunities, and we set them as long-term (ten years), medium (five years) and short-term (annual).
The objectives are acchieved by orienation towards the customer needs, effective organization, expertise, hard work, constant improvement of all activities, investing in education and training of staff, modern development and information technology, and for the final evaluation of our performance the most important are the standpoints of our customers.
Achievement of objectives depends on the total involvement of all employees in the company, which is expected to carry out their tasks and duties in accordance with applicable procedures, to identify the problems and inconsistencies of the system and to propose better ways to carry out tasks. 
Realization of the objectives we check with the analysis: satisfaction of customers and end users, deviations from planned results, market share and financial results. 
The management of the company is fully committed to the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of integrated management system and achieve the set goals.
Indjija, 26.06.2010.                                                                                                                    
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